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There are numerous types of sports injuries but in this article, we are explaining some of the common injuries experienced by athletes. These include ankle sprain, hamstring strain, ACL tear in knee, tennis elbow, groin pull etc. The athletes should be trained well in how these injuries can be prevented. In the event of an injury, they should be taken to a reputed clinic with professionals who will be able to give them the best care.

Generally, sprains and strains are common in athletes. To explain the difference of the two, sprains include injury to the ligaments while strains are the injuries that focus on tendons. When a ligament is stretched past their limit, they can tear or develop deformities causing a sprain. When a muscle is overused, the muscle fibres or the tendons can tear causing a strain. Ankle sprain takes place when the foot turn inward tearing or stretching the ligaments that are located outside of the ankle. Once you experience an ankle sprain, you need to exercise so that you can build up your flexibility and your strength. You can visit with an expert in sports physiotherapy Singapore so that they can tell you what kind of exercises to carry out. You have to be aware of when you sprained the ankle so that you can provide your doctor with the necessary details.

Hamstring is the name given to the three muscles in the back of the thigh. In activities such as hurdling, it can overstretch giving rise to a hamstring strain. These injuries are very slow to heal and it will take about half a year or a year to completely recover from it. Athletes tend to re-injure themselves as they go back to the field without recuperating properly. In sports such as hockey, baseball and football, the inner thigh muscles of the groin can strain causing a groin pull. When this happens, you need to get enough rest and ice the area. If there is a lot of swelling, you will need to visit a physiotherapist.

The anterior cruciate ligament or the ACL can tear or strain if an athlete gets hit from the side or comes to an abrupt stop. The ACL is the ligament that connects the leg bone to your knee. You need to seek medical help immediately if you believe you have sustained such an injury. If the tearing is severe, it will require surgery. The tennis elbow is caused when your elbow is used repeatedly in the same motion. This can be experienced by golfer and tens players. When this happens, you need to take some time off and allow your body to rest.

Common Types Of Sports Injuries