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So you’ve finally passed your ordinary level exams after a great deal of hard work and stress. You might think that, answering those papers was the toughest job of your school life, but you are clearly mistaken. The O-levels are called “ordinary” for a reason. That is because the advanced and tougher version of it will be presented to you in the form of A-levels. If you are a student who is about to sit for these exams this year, then here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Lack of revision

Studying and revising your concepts is key! It doesn’t matter whether you went to the best physics tuition or if your teacher at school does a fabulous job at explaining the subject. Unless you are a multi-talented student with a photographic memory, there is no way you can score good grades if you fail to study the concepts thoroughly and revise a day ahead of the exam. You must ensure that you are thorough with each area of the subject and ensure that you attempt the revision questions so that you have an idea regarding the extent of your knowledge.

Ignoring the past papers

Most students assume that they know the subject and its concepts quite well, just because they’ve spent hours studying them. Therefore, they end up ignoring the past papers. However, this is a major mistake that can take a toll on your overall grade. It is important to attempt answering these question papers so that you are aware of the pattern of questions that will be asked and you will have a better idea on the amount of mark each question carries and how to apply your theoretical knowledge to answer these questions.

Lack of support from the teacher

Although you might think that the textbook is sufficient to help you understand the concepts of the subject and score good grades, this is not the case. If your teacher is not skilled enough to explain the concepts to you clearly, then you might not understand the subject well. This applies to subjects such as physics, math and accounts where the application of formulas must be taught well by the teacher, therefore make sure you hire the best physics tutor or experienced math teacher in case the one at your school is not good enough.

The dreaded advanced level exams can be quite tough in comparison to the ordinary level exams. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of taking this lightly and make sure you put in your maximum effort in this final lap of your school life.

Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing For Your Advanced Level Exams