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If you have consistently been scheduling photoshoots in the comfort of your home, it might be time to spread your wings a little an experiment. Whether you want to take a pre-wedding shoot, engagement shoot or a family portrait with your new bub, there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from. It is just a matter of deciding what sort of tone you want to set in your pictures, as well as where you want the location to be. Since outdoor shoots involve a lot more than studio shoots, there are a few key things you must bear in mind.


The thing about shooting in a completely new and unfamiliar location, is that you are yet to discover all of its wonders. Sure enough some of the obvious ones will stick out, and you will no doubt take those pictures. But as you walk around looking for additional photo opportunities, you will come across certain backdrops and settings that appear to have manifested out of nowhere. Keep an open mind for such instances. Whether this is for best children photography or something else, it helps to remember that on-location shoots are always a work in progress, and full of surprises.


Unless you have purposefully planned a night time shoot or something of the sort, remember that on-location shooting requires ample lighting. As your photographer will tell you, lighting through the day is constantly changing and therefore has a different impact on the final result. A picture you take in the early hours of the morning is nothing like one you take around 10am for instance. It depends on what sort of setting and mood you want for your pictures. Unlike in a studio, you will not have artificial lights set up (well you could, but it will cost you more), and even if you did, it is not the same as natural lighting. So plan your day well.


Anything could happen out there. In a studio, the chances of you falling into a ditch or puddle of mud is practically non-existent. But when you are shooting outdoors, the chances of you dealing with some sort of mishap is higher. So bring a change of clothes. Actually, if you are going to embark on a complete family photoshoot, why not bring a few changes so you can take different shots? It will look interesting, beautiful and diverse, which after all is what you want to aim for. Discuss with the family in advance though, since it can be quite stressful to sort this out on the day.


One thing about shooting outdoors, is that you need to be comfortable. Anyone can be comfortable in their home, but what about in an unfamiliar location? The more unique the location, the more comfortable you should be. Else, all of your pictures will come out looking tense and anxious, which is not something you want to recount for the rest of your days. Make yourself at home. Ask for some time to first familiarise yourself with the area, and if you are with your family, then experience it together. It is important that everyone in the shoot feels as comfortable as possible.

What You Need To Know About Outdoor Photography